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In 1912, Mr. & Mrs. Von Doeler of Germany, headed for Canada. Almost aboard the great Titanic, they were refused due to their dog. Ending up on an alternative ship, receiving distress calls from the Titanic they managed to make it the beautiful piece of land the ranch still settles on. 

They built a small barn and farmhouse to live in and had five children. The von Doeler's all worked long, hard days before the the youngest son, Ulrich grew up to continue the tradition. It was in the early 50's he met a pen pal friend, Brigitte, from Germany who decided to visit Canada in search of a peaceful life away from the war. Having to make a decision in only one month time to stay or go back to Germany, she chose to stay and marry Ulrich, and had a family of four.

It wasn't until the mid 60's the ranch received power and it took Brigette, Ulrich and the four kids years of hard work skidding logs, building boats, plowing fields, making hay and caring for the animals in freezing cold winters to keep the farm. 

The middle son, Bruno, chose to run the farm as he got older, determined to keep it in the family.  Himself, with his wife, Linda, ran two successful business's on the farm, an Egg & Mushroom Business as well as raising Red Deer. 

Soon came the fourth generation, 2 twin boys and the little sister Elana. Although the boys grew away from the farm, Elana was hooked. At age six she got her first horse, an un-broke yearling. At age 11, after training and riding "Seastar" for years in every possible discipline, she was up a new challenge. 

A friend in Alberta had 100 horses in a severe draught, hay was in very short supply. Bruno and Elana decided to help and drove to Alberta picking up 25 untouched horses with the goal to train and sell them.  

Elana, from age 11-14, determined worked with these timid horses, got them trained and sold two, wait a minute...I thought there were 25 to sell?! 

Falling in love with all them, it was too hard to sell, the family began taking friends and family out on trail rides and Elana began teaching occasional lessons. After a couple years of this, Elana decided this was her passion. In 2007, she chose to turn this into something more and began marketing, designing a site and spreading the word. 

Soon enough, she was no longer thinking about "what to do after High School" this was it. With her family support, she developed the Ranch she always dreamt of working on... and now right before the families eyes, unfolds the most magical mix of horses, beauty, amazing friends, and unlimited amounts of joy and fun. 

We thank every single person who has supported the Ranch in any way from reading this page to volunteering to coming out for a ride or recommending us to a friend. We encourage you to always give us your feedback and hope see you out at the ranch! 

History of The Ranch