Thank you to our 2017 Sponsors 

Please contact us direct if you are interested sponsoring for the 2017 or 2018 season. ~ 705-477-6655 

​Thank you for your interest! 

2017 Sponsorship Opportunity 

Thank you to our past & present Sponsors! Please contact us if you are interested in 2017 sponsorship for The Ranch Events or Athlete Elana von Doeler. Your help brings our Events & Athletes to the next level and get's your business seen! We are firm believers in our sponsors and guarantee dedication & true promotion of your business, products and / or services. 


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Sponsor Von Doeler's Ranch Season & Events

With 3 Ranch Rodeos, 6 jackpots, 2 Eventing Derbies, 5 Clinics and over 5000 guests attending each year we gaurantee you return in your sponsorship. Get noticed at an event of your choice or for the entire season! Proudly reaching 50,000+ hits per year on this website. Please contact for details if you are interested in being a 2017 sponsor!

Sponsor Elana von Doeler

Barrel Racer & International 3-Day Event Rider

Elana is a dedicated athlete committed to competing at the worlds large Canada at  such as The American, The Stampede and the NFR. She is connected greatly in the horse world and is a professional face and representative for your product or service. Your support is greatly appreciated and plays a large role in helping Elana & her team of horse's get down the road.