Specialized In: 

  • Horsemanship, Ground Work, Fundamentals & Desensitizing
  • Ranch Work, Trail Riding, Obstacles 
  • 3 Day Eventing, Dressage, Show Jumping 
  • Cattle Work, Roping, Sorting 
  • Barrel Racing, Pole Bending & Other Gymkhana Events

The Von Doeler's Ranch Team has 60+ years combined training experience. They have trained over 70 horses from the ground up and have done tune ups on an additional 150+ horses. They are happy to show you horses trained by Elana or the team at anytime. To read more about our trainers click here, or you can learn more about Elana at www.elanavondoeler.com. 

​​We offer tune ups, & full training packages. Contact us anytime to see which option would best suit you and your horse! 


The Tune Up: 2 rides per week. $295 / month. 

Part Training: 3 Rides per week. $425 / month.

Full Training: 5 Sessions per week. $750 month.

Individual Training Session: $40 / hour

*You may substitute 1 session per week for a lesson at no additional charge. 

​*Spring Special! Save $25 for the month of April or May on our Part or Full Training Package.*

Horse Training 

Von Doeler's Ranch has extensive knowledge & experience training horses of all ages and disciplines. We base out training program off:


  • A solid foundation for a long lasting horse with no holes in his/her training
  • Trust & leadership between horse & rider 
  • Horses learning from release of pressure & understanding the importance of timing
  • Making the right thing easy, the wrong thing hard 
  • A soft, supple horse who can properly use themselves, ensuring long term soundness & allowing the horse to use his natural abilities with ease.
  • Consistency
  • Making the horses job relaxed, fun & allowing variety into the training program
  • Allowing a horse to be in the most natural environment possible, ensuring a good mind & a healthy horse. 


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